Privacy Policy

This privacy policy will explain what data we collect from our users and how we use that data.

What data do we collect?

Each time you complete one of our tests we store your IP address, your answers, your results and your responses to our optional survey.

How will we use your data?

We use your IP address to filter out duplicate results when analysing our collected data and to monitor our database for automatic completion scripts. We will use your answers, results and responses to analyse our test results en masse.

How do we use cookies?

We use cookies to store your results locally so that they can be displayed graphically. You can disable cookies if you wish, however, you won't be able to view your test results.

Third parties

We use Statcounter to track visitors to our website and PropellerAds to serve advertisements. Their respective privacy policies can be found here and here.


If you have any questions about our privacy policy you can contact us at

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Privacy Policy